Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss !

Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss !

While many diet plans are available online, finding the best Indian diet plan for weight loss seems to be a tad trickier. The Indian cuisine is crafted with multiple spices and almost always topped with ghee, oil or butter. Therefore, finding healthy meals in Indian cuisine is an uphill task. However, instead of avoiding the subcontinental cuisine altogether and going the way of bland food, we bring you the best Indian diet plan. SlimQuick’s diet plan is filled with healthy meals that can help you stay fit and lose weight without avoiding the tasty Indian cuisine.

Calorie-Counted Indian Meal

If you are looking to lose weight, Indian cuisine offers a lot of choices for you. Having healthy Indian meals can help you follow a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. Generally, the average female (aged 26-50) requires 2000 calories per day, while an average male (aged 26-45) requires 2600 calories per day.

Here are the estimated calories in healthy Indian meals:

  • Rice: One cup of cooked rice contains approximately 200 calories
  • Dal: One cup of dal can hold around 100-110 calories.
  • Curd: 100 grams curd contains about 100 calories
  • Chapati: One medium-sized chapati made from wheat flour will include approximately 80 calories
  • Paratha: One medium-sized paratha made from wheat flour will include approximately 130 calories
  • Sweet Dish: A sweet dish such as gulab jamun or jalebi can contain about 150-175 calories

While following a healthy lifestyle, counting calories is extremely important. Keeping calories in check can help you avoid overloading and stay on your fitness goals. SlimQuick’s diet box contains calorie-counted healthy Indian meals curated just for your fitness goals. 

Unhealthy Indian Food To Avoid

The Indian cuisine can be overwhelming, and many Indian dishes are unhealthy to consume. These are five unhealthy Indian food to avoid:

Deep-Fried Pakoras: Pakoras are a traditional delicacy in India, especially in the monsoon. However, these deep-fried snacks are incredibly unhealthy due to the excessive oil they soak in. If you want to avoid this unhealthy Indian food but still want to enjoy the taste, you can bake them rather than deep-frying.

Parathas: Parathas are the favourites of many families in the northern part of India and are a part of the core Indian cuisine. While the stuffing is not the primary problem, what makes them unhealthy is the oil used in pan-frying them and a dollop of butter added on top.

Sweets: This one is a bit tricky! Sweets culminate in the platter of Indian dishes in every Indian household, and avoiding them is tough. Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Imarti, Jalebi and Gujiya are just some of the delicacies that are extremely tasty but unhealthy as well.

Kachori: This stuffed Indian dish is loved by many as breakfast and snack alike. However, eating Kachori can be unhealthy due to its stuffing and oil used in deep frying. Kachoris are high in calories and should be avoided.

Samosas: We have all munched on these fried little triangles while sipping hot tea. However, this Indian snack is a part of the unhealthy Indian food list and is responsible for many calories and increasing weight. Avoiding this snack will be a healthy decision to take.

Healthy Indian Meals For Vegetarians

If you are looking for a balanced diet and are constantly searching for an Indian meal diet plan online for your weight loss, here are some of the top options for you. These healthy Indian meals are appropriate for vegetarians, as they cannot rely on meat and chicken for protein. The list includes:

  • Rice: Rice is healthy if consumed frequently in small quantities. It goes well with lentils, curd and curries, and are one of the top healthy Indian vegetarian meals.
  • Chickpeas & Kidney Beans: Chickpeas and Kidney Beans are a type of bean that are a part of healthy Indian meals for weight loss. They are rich in protein and fibre and good for health.
  • Lentils:  Commonly known as dal, lentils are a permanent delicacy for many Indian families. They are a great source of protein and can be enjoyed with chapati and rice, or even alone. They carry low calories and are suitable for weight loss.
  • Bread: Many Indian recipes are served with a wide variety of bread, including chapati, paratha and naan. 

If you are looking to stock up your plate with healthy Indian vegetarian meals for weight loss, SlimQuick is there for you. SlimQuick’s calorie-counted and portion-controlled meals are a must-have for your diet plan. With SmilQuick’s diet box, you can receive customised diet solutions with healthy Indian meals for vegetarians.

Maintaining Balanced Diet With Indian Meals

Having a balanced diet Indian meal is necessary to continue a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight in check. The Indian cuisine offers a lot of options to choose from, filled with all essential nutrients. You can create your own balanced diet with Indian meals, and it should contain:

  • Carbohydrates: Cereals, millets and fruits & vegetables (besides potatoes and corn) offer healthy carbohydrates;
  • Proteins: Pulses, milk, leafy greens, eggs, white meat and sprouts contain proteins;
  • Fats: Healthy fats are essential to the body, and vegetable oil, butter, and ghee contain healthy fats. However, they should be taken in low amounts.

SlimQuick’s diet plan includes portion-controlled calorie-counted meals filled with the goodness of proteins, fibre and critical nutrients. Just open, heat and eat without the hassle of cooking.

Healthy Habits For Staying Fit

Here are some habits to follow for staying fit and following a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Foods With High Fibre: Foods with high fibre are a part of any healthy diet plan, as fibre lowers the risk of heart conditions, diabetes and cancer. A diet rich in fibre can reduce calorie intake and make you feel full faster, helping you stay fit and lose weight.

Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables: Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet plan can help you stay on your fitness goals and reduce your calorie intake. Healthy eating is essential to lose weight, and fruits and veggies make it easier.

Reduce Sugar Intake: Eating calorie-counted meals is essential when you are trying to lose weight. However, additional sugar can be damaging to your diet plan and your body. Reduce the intake of added sugar, especially in beverages and desserts. Check out SlimQuick’s calorie-counted and portion-controlled meals for a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Extra Salt: Salt makes food exciting and is required in almost all dishes to bring out the flavour. However, salt causes high blood pressure and can be damaging to the body.

Keep Your Body Hydrated: Your body needs its daily dose of hydration, especially in summers. Keep beverages handy, especially water, and don’t let your body get dehydrated.

Leading a healthy lifestyle takes dedication and finding the right diet. For vegetarians, finding a balanced Indian diet plan for weight loss is sometimes difficult. SlimQuick makes it easy for you with their customised diet box, filled with portion-controlled and calorie-counted delicious Indian dishes. Don’t compromise on taste with a healthy lifestyle.

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