Our Story

Finding a balanced diet to achieve your fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle is a herculean task like no other. While looking for diet food delivery options ourselves, we found that the choices were limited, especially when it came to the right balance between taste and calories. 

And that was our EUREKA moment!

We envisioned a calorie-counted meal delivery service that provided a happy medium between healthy food and tasty dishes, and thus, SlimQuick was crafted. 

SlimQuick offers carefully curated diet meal delivery right at your doorstep. Get our diet box with the best dishes already selected for you, or build your own. The meals are cooked by expert chefs and packed and delivered safely to you. 

Your Healthy and Tasty Food Partner

With 50+ options of calorie-counted dishes helping you stay fit, you can never go wrong with SlimQuick. Be it the morning porridge or the dinner pav bhaji, be it a strawberry milkshake or makhani paneer, we take care of the calories and taste for you. The wide variety of options make sure you stay the course of a healthy lifestyle while munching on your favourite snacks and dishes. Our diet food delivery service will ensure you get only the best ready to eat meals right at your doorstep.

Safety And Hygiene — Guaranteed

If it is one thing we are proud of, it is our passion for providing a safe and hygienic experience to our customers. While we know that there are many options for diet food online, in this new era of sanitation, most of these options fall short when it comes to providing a hygienic choice. On the other hand, we use the progressive retort processing technology that partially heats your food to the ideal temperature to reduce the final cooking time for you while locking in the taste and the aroma. Therefore, we guarantee you that your Slimquick’s calorie-counted diet food delivery reaches you fresh and safe.

The SlimQuick Difference

We believe that most people quit a healthy lifestyle because they often confuse diet food with bland and tasteless dishes. But, at SlimQuick, we ensure that a healthy lifestyle does not stop your taste buds from enjoying delicious eateries. This is why our customised meal plans come with portion-controlled and calorie-counted dishes that are healthy and tasty. Get the best of the Indian palate without worrying about the calories, only at SlimQuick.

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